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Mintáhoe Culture

The calendar is moving. It always does. Our busy season began early in May and we typically quiet down in October. This year, October is our second busiest month of 2016 and quiet days are becoming rare.

One of the true blessings in my life (in addition to having the family that I am so fortunate to have) is coming to the office every day. The privilege of working with the Mintahoe Family is not work. Whether I walk through the office, stop by an event, or pop into our kitchen, I hear “Hi Jim,” and catch a friendly smile. It is not by one or two. It is Mintahoe. It is who we are.

I can’t put it better than Lorenzana, one of our stellar dishwashers.

“Mintahoe is a wonderful place to work. Thank you to everyone who says hi or makes a joke. You are an excellent team. Even dishes are the most important thing to do. As a dishwasher I’m so proud of myself thanks to everyone.”

What can I say? This is what we want Mintahoe to be – the best place to work with people who respect and care about each other. There is nothing wrong with being proud – I know I am.



Jim McMerty is president of Mintáhoe Catering & Events. An accountant by trade, Jim started his small catering business in 1993 with one van and a few corporate clients. Today, Mintáhoe Catering & Events is the largest pure catering company in Minnesota.




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