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Dancing At Nicollet Island Pavilion | Swing Your Partner

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Swing your partner | Dancing at Nicollet Island Pavilion!


A married couple’s first dance together is something that we’re all accustomed to cheering on at most weddings, right?

So how did that beautiful moment become a tradition?

There are differing opinions on the exact origin of the first dance, but most say it began with fancy 19th century balls.  The guest of honor, who was typically the person with the highest social status or a member of the Royal family, had the first dance.

This would set the tone for the evening and become the official invitation for all the other guests to join in on the fun!

At a wedding, the couple are the most important people in the room, so they kick off the party with a celebratory jig together!

Wedding Dancing At Nicollet Island Pavilion

Photography: Jeannine Marie
Catering: Mintahoe Catering & Events
Dancing at Nicollet Island Pavilion

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