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Happy New Year!

2016. Gone. But it barely began.

Life has its benchmarks. From the time of my first memory until my high school graduation took forever. Now it seems our oldest grandchild was just born. Oh. Wait. She is taking her driver’s test in a few weeks. Darn jet stream.

And how was your 2016? Ours was quite nice, thank you. This was our first full year with Jamie and Jordan Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens where Erin Wade is Mintahoe’s enthusiastic and effective Sales Consultant. What a top notch trio! What a run of excellent events!

We signed a long-term catering agreement a year ago with Tim George’s Van Dusen Mansion. Tim and his superb marketing skills have that venue flying! We took over the Garden Room of Eden Prairie just over a year ago, returning the vibrancy to that beautiful space. Lots of opportunities and lots of growth keep us youthful even though my new headshot tells a different tale.

Outside of my aging, there is much to reflect on and be thankful for. Look at our key people. They are all still here, making my life more enjoyable because I feel fortunate that I get to work with each of them. Mintahoe is about 24 years old and we have a solid crew that has been with us for more than twenty years. Nice! Nicest is that they truly like each other and they tolerate my idiosyncrasies. Our sales have doubled since we merged two groups of friendly competitors eight years ago and our quality has more than doubled, making us the Mintahoe we are today, the best catering company around. We have done a lot, but we have just begun. Bring on 2017! We are ready.


Jim McMerty is president of Mintáhoe Catering & Events. An accountant by trade, Jim started his small catering business in 1993 with one van and a few corporate clients. Today, Mintáhoe Catering & Events is the largest pure catering company in Minnesota.


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