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Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is a big deal! We are fortunate to be a part of all that goes on for these twelve glorious days. Mintahoe manages Minnesota Wine Country at the State Fair. Our culinary team creates buzz-worthy menu items that incorporate Minnesota wines. This year, our Candied Bacon Donut Sliders with a chocolate red wine ganache appeared in Travel and Leisure, ABC News, the Chicago Tribune, and many local publications, getting tons of rave reviews. I highly recommend them as an appetizer or dessert for your Holiday Party!


The Best of Summer

Mintahoe catered two very large events this summer, both in our Picnics Plus! outdoor catering division. The first was a corporate block party for 13,000 guests on a beautiful June day. Guests enjoyed fresh burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, lots of snacks, and lots of games! We also catered seven weddings that day pushing our staff count to more than 200! That is a lot of employees for a catering company, but even in the quiet times of winter, our roster does not go below 100 anymore.

Our second super-event was on a sunny day in July. 5,000 guests enjoyed beef brisket, grilled chicken and many salads and sides with a beautiful presentation. We prepared a ton of snacks – corn dogs, cheese curds, kettle corn, French fries, mini donuts and a whole lot more. (Did you know that we do a lot of deep frying on site at our clients’ event locations?) There were three bands, carnival rides, inflatables, carnival games along with our food and snacks spread out over a large office parking lot. The evening ended with a truly magnificent fireworks display. Our crew of over 150 did what it always does – made us look really, really good.


We are the very best at what we do.

Not long ago, Tracy Rabenberg, our Executive Chef (the best that there is in addition to being a truly wonderful guy) walked into my office with his grin preceding him through the door with a fortune cookie that read:

“Spectacular Accomplishment is never preceded by less than Spectacular Preparation” His only comment was “That’s us!”



Jim McMerty is president of Mintáhoe Catering & Events. An accountant by trade, Jim started his small catering business in 1993 with one van and a few corporate clients. Today, Mintáhoe Catering & Events is the largest pure catering company in Minnesota.


  • Jennifer says:

    ConsultAce is looking forward to having Mintahoe cater our Financial Ladies Night Out event in October. Although it’s not going to be a big of an event as the ones you described above, I know it’s going to be awesome nonetheless.

  • lorezana says:

    Mintahoe is a wonderful place to work, thank you Tracy to have me and to everyone who say hi, or make a joke ,you’re a excellent team, even dishes are the most important thing to do as a diswasher I’m so proud it of my self ,again thanks to everyone

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