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Most wedding clients don’t have a ton of experience working with a caterer. This can be stressful as catering can be the most expensive component to an event. Here are five questions to help prevent any unexpected fees or charges.

5. What is included with the menu pricing?

If a caterer doesn’t include necessary items like linens or china, you’ll be charged extra or have to rent them yourself, which can quickly add up. Mintáhoe provides every detail needed with catering service in our menu pricing, so you won’t see any surprises or extra charges.

4. Do you offer a menu tasting? Is there a fee?

Tastings are very important when selecting a caterer. Mintáhoe happily offers a complimentary tasting to allow clients to try an assortment of our menu items.

3. How do you charge for waitstaff?

Waitstaff is one element of catering that can add up quickly. Mintáhoe has a talented team of professionally trained servers included in our full-service menu pricing. We only charge separately for specialty staff like a performance chef, event captain, or bartenders.

2. What, if any, are the expected gratuities?

This is another area that clients might not think about initially. Mintáhoe does not expect gratuities as our professional service staff are paid competitive industry rates and do not rely on gratuities. While tipping is always appreciated, it is not expected. We do allow tip jars during events for bartender gratuities.

1. What additional charges can I expect?

Every caterer seems to charge differently for services, which can certainly be confusing. At Mintáhoe, we prefer to keep our pricing as simple as possible by including all the catering necessities in our menu pricing. In addition, you can expect to see applicable taxes, specialty staff fees, and a 20% house fee to all full-service events. Depending on your event, additional charges like delivery or a specific venue fee may apply.

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