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Meet Mintahoe’s Picnic Team!

By May 7, 2014No Comments

meet the picnic team

Picnic season is springing into action, and in celebration of this change in catering seasons, we would like to introduce you to the masters of the outdoor event!


Steve PalmerSteve Palmer | Grill Master

Hobbies | Grillin’ & Golfin’

Steve has been with Mintahoe more years than he can count! Steve is full of creative ideas and delicious menus. There isn’t a park in the Twin Cities that Steve hasn’t met!





Jeff McClure

   Jeff McClure | Picnic Extraordinaire

Hobbies |  Craft Beer & Changing Diapers

Jeff is as easy-going and flexible as they come! Whether you’re planning an event for 500 or for 25, Jeff can make it happen!

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