5 Holiday Party Catering Secrets

5 Holiday Party Catering Secrets

Photo from Food & Wine

Steal these catering tricks for your holiday party this year!


Create a more casual vibe with an “open house” style party.

Save yourself a little stress by having guests can arrive as they please during your party. Your guests won’t feel the need to be exactly on time and those with a packed schedule will likely still stop by. Additionally, guest arrival time will be scattered allowing you time to chat with everyone at a more casual pace.


The science of food quantities.

You probably need less food than you think. Depending on the style of your event, here are some general guidelines:

Hors d’oeuvres 8 – 10 bites/servings per guest
Entrees and Salads Half catering pan per 10 – 12 guests
Side Dishes 1/4 pound per guest
Cocktails 1 1/2 drinks per hour per guest


Serve beautiful + room temperature appetizers.

Caterers know that hors d’oeuvres should look as good as they taste. Rather than lining your table with crock pots and tree shaped platters, try transforming your table into a never-ending cheeseboard with several room temperature antipasti options. In addition to being beautiful, this offers guests tons of grazing options and eliminates temperature concerns. Win, win, win!


Don’t underestimate the power of a hot drink.

Hot drinks are just too festive and fun to forget about. Greet guests with a glass of mulled wine or set up a DIY Spiked Hot Cocoa Bar incorporating festive mugs and a few flavors for guests to personalize their drinks.


A garbage plan will make your life easier.

Regardless of your menu and guest count, you will absolutely create tons of garbage. A catering trick is to line your garbages and recycling containers with opened bags, so when you grab a full bag, there’s another already waiting. Pure. Genius.

2016 Winter Wedding Inspiration

2016 Winter Wedding Inspiration

Photo by Eric Lundgren

As the Minnesota temperatures drop, we layer up for winter wedding season! We love showcasing the most unique (and arguably most beautiful) Minnesota season in all its glory. There are tons of advantages to setting you date during the winter months along with seemingly endless inspiration.


kayladylanwedding_nicolletislandpavilion_russellheeterphotography-1296Photo by Russell Heeter Photography

Bring the Outdoors In

Minnesota winters are truly magical, which makes incorporating unique winter touches into your wedding decor so fun! From twinkling cafe lights to cozy touches of flannel, your winter theme can perfectly reflect you.



rosetree_nicolletislandpavilionPhoto by Time Into Pixels Photography

Winter Catering Touches

Don’t forget about your menu! Mintahoe Catering & Events can embrace your winter wedding with some unique catering touches. Incorporate a Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar for guests to create their perfect mug. A s’mores station from North Mallow with an outdoor fire pit is sure to give guests a memorable experience.




Photo by Natalie Champa Jennings

Destination Weddings at a New Altitude

Thinking destination? Instead of boarding a plane to the tropics, couples are opting for wedding locations that embrace the winter season. From a short drive to Northern Minnesota to an Aspen getaway with stunning mountain backdrops, there are plenty of winter destination options coast to coast.

5 Catering Trends in 2016

5 Catering Trends in 2016

1) Delicious & Nutritious

“Healthy is the new skinny,” proclaim inspirational Pinterest boards everywhere, and this applies to 2016 catering trends, too. You’re going to see more creativity with good-for-you greens. Mintahoe’s classic Pear & Bleu Salad is a delicious example.


2) Going Global

On the other end of the spectrum, new and different flavors are trending. In 2016, expect to see strong (and delicious!) Indian, African, and Middle Eastern influences in catering.


3) A Manhattan in Minneapolis

Put down the mason jar! Seriously, put it down. Shabby chic is on its way out – at least for drinks. Belly up to the 2016 bar, where drinks are more Mad Men than New Girl. Classics like whiskey and bourbon are a sure hit, and will bring a classy ambience to your event. Mintahoe has plenty of experienced bartenders to put the perfect twist on your Manhattan.


4) A Great Way to Start Your Day

Morning and afternoon wedding receptions are on the rise, and for a few good (pocketbook related) reasons! They’re significantly less expensive and a great choice if you’re planning to hold a small, intimate reception with close friends and family. If you’d still like a bar, offer a festive Mimosa or Bloody Mary Bar. And who doesn’t love a brunch buffet??


5) Dinner and a Show

Plated and buffet dinner service aren’t your only options anymore. If your vision is a mingling and memorable event, consider interactive food stations scattered throughout your venue. Mintahoe offers several delicious performance stations and presentation options – ask about our Painted Palate Station or new Wall of Desserts!

by Krista Peterson

2016 | Six Wedding Trends

2016 | Six Wedding Trends

As we say goodbye to 2015, we look ahead with excitement at the fresh new nuptial trends that await us in 2016. Here are six of our favorites:


More and more, nature-loving couples are taking to the great outdoors to tie the knot. State parks are a new “venue” that’s popped onto the 2016 scene. The Twin Cities are filled with awesome parksfarms, and vineyards – all of which provide jaw dropping photo ops. One of our favorites is our new signature venue, the Garden Room of Eden Prairie!



Brides are getting bolder with the prints, cuts, and colors of their dresses. Sheer long sleeves, bold colors, and edgy separates or slits are all gaining popularity. Check out our pinterest page to see some stunning ideas for fashion-forward brides.



Nothing pops the oh-so-trendy neutral color palette better than some glitz! From bridesmaid dresses to centerpieces, expect to see mixed metals, mercury glass, and glamorous beaded details everywhere in 2016.



With a majority of weddings taking place at the reception venue, nothing sets the tone better than greeting guests with a signature cocktail or mocktail. “We had so many compliments on our wedding, but the most common was the pre-ceremony champagne! It really put a smile on everyone’s face and set the tone for the wedding.” – Mintahoe 2015 Bride



Brides seem to be shying away from prim & proper bouquets. More and more, florists are getting requests for loose or cascading bouquets with unique flowers and foliages for a dramatic look.



A professional photographer will handle all the necessary images that will last you a lifetime, but for some fun memories, throw some selfie sticks on each table complete with your wedding hashtag. Your guests will capture some great moments that you may have missed! Another fun idea is to strap a GoPro on man’s best friend, like this couple from Tennessee.

by Krista Peterson

Holiday Parties | Plan Like a Pro

Holiday Parties | Plan Like a Pro

Hosting a holiday party can be fun, but isn’t always necessarily easy. Here are a few menu tips from the pros at Mintahoe!



We’ve all been there; awkwardly attempting to eat a messy or oversized hors d’oeuvres in the middle of a conversation. Save your guests by serving a variety of bite-sized appetizers. Mintáhoe offers several miniature options like our Chili-Lime Chicken Spoons that pack a flavorful punch into one-adorable-bite. Another advantage to bite-sized options is the flexibility to easily butler pass or simply set out for guests to graze.



That moment when your manager brings his gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan wife. Without adding stress to your menu planning or sending someone for emergency carrot sticks, it’s absolutely possible to design a delicious menu that will please everyone.

The trick is to select versatile options that appeal to your dairy-loving, meat-eating guests and those with dietary restrictions. Mintahoe’s Balsamic-Glazed Portobello Bites are a favorite among both vegetarians and carnivores, while the Shrimp Shooter is a delicious and festive gluten-free option.



You’re better than a table covered in crockpots and chip bowls. Glam up that veggie tray by incorporating unique containers, different heights, and fun decor into your presentation. When in doubt, add candles and twinkle lights.



Think about the stress (and your budget) of anticipating what every guest will want to drink. Now forget about that and mix up a festive signature drink! For the holidays, we recommend sparkling apple cider, cranberry juice, and champagne! Garnish with a rosemary sprig or fresh cranberries and call it a day!


photo credit & more delicious cranberry cocktail recipes HERE

Author: Krista Peterson

5 Holiday Catering Trends

5 Holiday Catering Trends

WINTER IS COMING – and we love it! Whether you’re hosting a small holiday party at your house or a grand gala at a venue, we have a few catering tips and trends to add fun to your festivities!

5. Signature “Welcome” Cocktails
Signature Cocktails are a fun way to personalize your event. If you don’t want to host a signature cocktail all night, greet guests at the door with a signature welcome cocktail like traditional mulled wine to get the party started!

4. Mingle All the Way
For a mingling event, offer guests a variety of culinary options scattered around the room or venue. To please the majority of guests (and stretch your budget) incorporate vegetarian options like Mintahoe’s delicious Portobello Grille.

3. Rosé is the New White
Rosé wine is no longer only a summer wine for a sunny terrace. Rosé wine is actually the height of fashion and wine loving guests will take notice of a crisp rosé. Try M. Chapoutier Cotes do Rhone Rosé on Mintahoe’s wine list.

2. Play With Your Food
If you’re looking to entertain your guests, offer seasonal activities like a cookie decorating station or gingerbread house building contest!

1. Don’t Forget the Drivers
Jazz up your non-alcoholic beverage options! Mintahoe offers a delightful Cranberry & Apple Infused Water that is sure to please all your guests.